About us

Welcome to Segol — Where Every Home Blossoms

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Toronto, Segol was born from a vision that intertwines the nurturing essence of nature with the warmth of family. Our name, 'Segol,' inspired by the Persian word for flower, represents the three beautiful daughters who are the heart and joy of our founder's life. Just as flowers bring beauty and life to a garden, Segol aims to bring growth and serenity into your home.

Crafted with Love, Curated for Your Life

Here at Segol, caring for plants should be as joyful and effortless as the love shared by a family. Our self-watering pots are designed to sustain and flourish, marrying cutting-edge innovation with sublime elegance. We make plant care effortless, freeing you to savor the beauty and tranquility your plants bring.

Rooted in Compassion, Blossoming in Sustainability

Every product at Segol represents a choice for a sustainable future, reflecting our commitment to protecting the inspiring beauty of nature that fuels our souls. We use eco-friendly practices in every step of our process, ensuring that our products enhance your space and support the planet's health.

A Symphony of Styles, A Community United by Love for Nature

Segol embraces diversity in tastes and lifestyles, catering to everyone from minimalist admirers to bohemian enthusiasts. We welcome everyone, from novice plant parents to seasoned green thumbs, offering a platform to deepen your connection with plant life and fellow enthusiasts.

Our Promise: From Our Family to Yours

We promise that with Segol, you are not just purchasing a product but bringing a piece of our heart into your home. We ensure a seamless journey from our greenhouse to your living space, giving each plant setup lasting joy.

Join us on this beautiful journey at Segol, where each leaf tells a story of resilience, every bloom ignites joy, and each product stands as a testament to a father's love for his daughters—the actual flowers of his life.

Welcome to Segol — Cultivating Peace, Beauty, and Connection in Every Home.