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Philodendron, Birkin-GL 1012

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🪴 Self Watering Pot

Self-watering pots use an inner pot and outer reservoir system with a water level indicator to ensure consistent moisture, simplifying plant care. Just fill it with the right base layer, plant, and soil according to the plant's needs.

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🌿 Plant Care Guid

Caring for a Philodendron in a self-watering pot involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Light: Philodendrons prefer medium to bright, indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves, while too little can stunt growth.
  2. Water: The self-watering pot helps maintain consistent moisture, but it's important to check the water reservoir periodically and refill it to avoid dry spells or overwatering.
  3. Humidity: These plants enjoy a humid environment. Consider misting the leaves or placing a humidifier nearby if your home is dry.
  4. Feeding: Feed your Philodendron with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.
  5. Pruning: Trim any yellow or dead leaves to encourage new growth and maintain a bushy appearance.

By following these simple care tips, your Philodendron can thrive and bring a touch of lush, tropical beauty to your space.

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Philodendron, Birkin-GL 1012
Philodendron, Birkin-GL 1012
Philodendron, Birkin-GL 1012
Philodendron, Birkin-GL 1012

Product Details

Philodendron, Birkin-GL 1012

In the heart of a sunlit room, a Philodendron plant unfurls its glossy, heart-shaped leaves, a lush cascade of green against the modern simplicity of a self-watering pot. This ingenious vessel whispers water to the roots just when thirst begins to beckon, freeing the Philodendron to weave its verdant tapestry undisturbed. Each new leaf emerges like a secret, slowly revealing itself in a dance of shadow and light. The pot, a silent partner, cradles the earth, ensuring each root finds its sip of life, blending the art of care with the ease of living. Together, they stand as a testament to growth, a serene portrait of nature's persistent embrace.

🌞   Bright indirect light                         

🌡    18°C to 27°C

🚿   Not over-watering                            

🐶   Toxic                  

📏   Plant size: ⬍ 4" tall 

        Pot size: 5.3*4.1*5.1               

💧   High humidity