In-Home & Workplace Plant Consultation and Maintenance Services

In-Home & Workplace Plant Consultation and Maintenance Services

Season changes into Plant Wellness with Segol

As the season changes and new growth begins, ensuring your plants are set up for success is crucial. Segol offers specialized in-home and workplace plant consultation and maintenance services. Our experienced plant care experts are ready to visit your space, assess the health of your plants, and provide hands-on support to revitalize your greenery.

Our Services Include:

  • Expert Plant Consultations: Our horticulturists will come to your home or office to evaluate the health of your plants, providing guidance on care techniques specific to each species and your unique environment.
  • Pot Upgrades and Transfers: Refresh your plants with new homes. We specialize in transitioning plants to self-watering pots, ensuring they look great and receive optimal hydration.
  • Seasonal Plant Care Adjustments: Spring is a critical time for plants. We'll adjust your plant care regimen to suit the growing season, from optimizing soil composition to updating watering schedules and light exposure.

Service Process:

  1. On-Site Assessment: Our team will thoroughly inspect your plants, discussing any specific issues or goals you have for your greenery.
  2. Hands-On Maintenance: We can perform various services during our visit, from repotting and pruning to setting up self-watering systems that simplify ongoing care.
  3. Tailored Care Plan: You'll receive a customized care plan that details everything done during the visit and recommendations for maintaining your plants' health throughout the season.

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